User accounts can be created by anyone and will allow you to leverage Golden's research engine and to contribute to the world's knowledge engine.

Create an Account

You can create an account by navigating to the Sign Up screen available on every page of Golden.

Initial Setup

Here you will begin setting up your user profile by filling out the required fields, including First and Last Name, Email, and Password.

<aside> ‚ö° Pro Tip: Use your Facebook or Google accounts to register to make the process faster.


Authenticate Profile

You will receive a link and a code to your email. Either can be used to authenticate your profile and continue the setup process.

Finalize Profile

Here you will add a profile photo and your biography to verify your true identity.

You will also be able to fill in an optional Organization field if you wish to create an Organization at this stage.

Once you click 'Continue' you will have successfully created your account and will be logged in.

Updating your Profile

You can update and edit your profile at any time by accessing your profile link from the Profile Dropdown in the top right of any screen on Golden.

You will immediately see an 'Edit Profile' button in the top right of your Profile Page that will take you to your Profile Settings. Here you can edit your Name, Biography, Picture, Website URL, Email Address, and Password.

Note: If you belong to an organization that has permissions set to private, people will not see your public profile.

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