<aside> 📢 Saved Queries are available for Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans. There are no limits to the amount of Saved Queries you can create within your Workspace(s).


Use Saved Queries to revisit and track queries that are important to you and your team. If you are a Pro or Enterprise user, we recommend turning email notifications on to stay current on new data added to Golden that matches your query.

Saving a Query

After entering the Query Tool and setting up your query filters, click the ‘Search’ button to launch your query. Once the results have loaded, action buttons will appear in a menu above the results:


Click the ‘Save Query’ button, name your query, choose your notification preferences, and click ‘Save’ to save the query.

Accessing Saved Queries

Saved Queries can be accessed at any time on the Saved Queries Index Page that can be found in the Sidebar menu

On this page, users are presented a table of all Saved Queries within the Workspace (i.e. for Organizations, you will see all of your colleagues' Saved Queries too). Each Saved Query gets its own row in the table. The name of the Saved Query, the user who created it, and the date on which that user saved the query are displayed. Users can sort and filter Saved Queries by date created and the user which saved the query.

<aside> 💡 Pro tip: Golden users who are members of an organization can see which Saved Queries their colleagues have saved.



Set Alerts (Email Notifications)

Pro and Enterprise users have the option to receive email notifications based on updates for their Saved Queries – i.e. whenever a new topic or entity meets the criteria in your Query.

Users who choose to receive email updates on Saved Queries can choose to receive either daily or weekly email notifications.

Users can also modify their notification preferences from within the Saved Queries index page in the Sidebar. Clicking on the bell icon will pull up a modal dialog which will let the user opt in to or opt out of receiving email notifications for that particular query.

<aside> 💡 Pro tip: Follow emerging industries by receiving email notifications for each new company that Golden surfaces in that industry.