Topics are pages on Golden for any known entity, including organizations, scientific theorems, people, cryptocurrencies, and anything else you can think of.

Topics are at the heart of the Golden mission and we intend to deeply cover billions of entities.


Each topic has an image to identify the entity in question.

Pro tip: By using the ‣ tool with social media links, Golden will automatically pull in relevant images for companies and organizations.


Each topic has a short description to give you a quick insight into the subject.


The main body of a topic is the article which contains the bulk of the entity’s prose, history, and facts.


The contents bar appears to the left of the article (on Desktop and Tablet views) on all topics and gives you the ability to quickly move to a directed section of the page.


Infoboxes contain a topic’s structured data which powers our Query Tool.

With over 50 fields, infoboxes can provide rich information about a Topic.

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