<aside> 📢 Custom Fields are available for all users, including Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans. There are no limits on the amount of Custom Fields you can create.


Custom Fields help you enrich your Lists with your own notes, data, dates, comments, and internal information including entity & topic fields. These columns of information are private to your organization workspace and will not be seen by anyone outside of your organization. Custom Fields can be reused on multiple Lists.

Creating Custom Fields

Go to the List that you wish to add a Custom Field to and click the '+' column to the far right of the List table. From the dropdown menu, select 'Add New Custom Field' to create a new Custom Field.

When you click the 'Add New Custom Field' option, you will be prompted to name your new field. This will need to have a unique name.

(Note: You can edit, rename, and add fields to any List in your organization, including ones that your colleagues created)

Custom Fields support the following field types: