<aside> 📢 Lists are available for all users, including Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans. There are no limits on the number of Lists you can create. There are premium features within Lists that are only accessible on Pro and Enterprise accounts such as ‣ and Data Requests.


Lists allow users to build auto-updating tables of topics and entities and control the columns of canonical and private data.

The canonical fields from the Golden Knowledge Graph will automatically update without the need for data entry, keeping Lists more up-to-date than static spreadsheets.

By adding your own Custom Fields and Pipelines , you can mix your own private data and collaboration work with the Golden Knowledge Graph.



Creating a List from a topic or entity page

Every topic and entity on Golden has a ‘Save to List’ button that will allow you to either add the topic or entity directly to your existing lists or create a new list directly from the ‘Save to List’ pop up.


Creating a List from the Query Tool

The entire set of results in any given query made in the Query Tool can be tracked and saved using Saved Queries. However, if you wish to add specific results to one or more of your lists, or create a new one, highlight the rows you would like to add and click the ‘Add to List’ button that appears.

Here you can select any of your previously created Lists to add the topics to, or Create a new List - the results will appear on this new List.


Adding Entities to Lists

Click the 'Add Entities' button in a List's toolbar and a search bar will appear in the middle of the screen. Type the name of the Topic you wish to add and click the Topic when it appears. The Topic will now be added to your list.